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Year 6 Kingswood Residential

Year 6 had an exciting week away at Kingswood in October this year doing amazing activities. We have all learnt some new things and had loads of amazing experiences and have learnt to have better attitude to learning. We have faced the fears and have done it anyway! We have all learnt to work as a trusting team and made it quicker by helping each other. Some of the activities we completed were: Abseiling which is where you climb up 3 sets of stairs and you get strapped up on to some ropes with your harness and you bounce down the wall. Another thing that we did was the 3G swing. This is where you are sitting down in a harness and you have a choice to either go up to yellow, blue or red and you are holding onto a bar and you just drop down like you are on a giant swing and you are left there just swinging. Cool! As well as this we did Archery and got to use real bows and arrows! We had targets that we got to shoot them. We did loads more activities too!!  We all had a fabulous time at Kingswood and we give thanks to everyone who helped us have the time of our lives. .