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Emergency Procedures

In exceptional circumstances it is sometimes necessary for the school to close or make exceptional arrangements (for example opening later or closing early). Very occasionally this decision is taken by Hertfordshire County Council in conjunction with the police if it is considered unsafe for staff and parents to drive or they wish to reduce the traffic on the road and enable emergency services to travel more easily. Whilst we do everything possible to avoid closing it is for you to decide if it is safe for you and your child to travel to school. Inevitably the weather tends to be unpredictable at this time of year and it is good practice to be prepared...


How do you know if the school is open or closed?


  1. If we have your mobile phone number we will send you a text message on your mobile phone.  If we have an email address for you we will also send an email. Be aware that there can be problems with communication services jamming up at peak times and messages delayed in getting through.  Having contact with neighbouring parents is very helpful as messages spread and parents help each other with transport and supervision.
  2. An answer phone message advising that the school is closed or opening late will be on the school phone (hopefully from 07:30 or before) – 01442 395758.  Please hang up immediately you have listened so others can get through.
  3. is a service that will list all open / closed Hertfordshire schools and will not crash!
  4. Our school website will be updated
  5. Local radio stations have agreed to pass on information if the school is closed at very short notice.  Tune into:
    Mercury FM (96.6 FM)
    BBC 3 Counties Radio (103.8FM/630 AM)


Checklist. Have you:


  • Completed your contact forms and returned them to school
  • Established links with other parents so you can help each other with information, pupil collection and supervision?
  • Logged the following contact information?
  • Chaulden's School answerphone – 01442 395758
  • Chaulden's School website –
  • Hertsdirect website for list of all school opening /closing:
  • Know radio stations: Mercury FM (96.6 FM), BBC 3 Counties Radio (103.8FM/630 AM
  • Got other parents / childminders contact numbers
  • Got wellington boots, spare clothes, sledge?


Children tend to have a really good time when the weather is extreme, especially If the adults are well prepared for it!