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Collective Worship

Chaulden Junior School statement on Collective Worship


Under the 1988 Education Act, schools are required to organise daily acts of collective worship of a “broadly Christian character” for all pupils. At Chaulden we hold daily assemblies, one of which is class based, including a special assembly each week when we celebrate the children’s learning throughout the week. All our assemblies reflect our interpretation of worship as a celebration of all that might be considered “of real worth” for example; justice, beauty, truth, love, peace, compassion, respect and integrity. We try to emphasise the human values that are shared by all faiths. Each assembly includes a time for thought and reflection and prompts children to reflect on the impact of their choices on our local, national and world community. During the year we celebrate the major religious festivals of our community.


Please note that Religious Education and the daily act of collective worship are kept completely separate in the school. Should parents have any reason for wishing to exclude their children from all or some of these activities please make an appointment to discuss this the Headteacher to ensure that we are aware of your wishes.